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Dates Pickle | Pack of 2 (200g each)


Dates pickle or “khajoor ka achaar” is the taste of the hilly Indian state of Himachal Pradesh in a jar. It’s made of seedless Iranian dates, the juice of hill lemons (galgals), which are rare to find, and a smattering of spices like turmeric (haldi), red chilli (laal mirchi), carom seeds (ajwain), and fenugreek seeds (methi). We use mustard oil (sarso ka tel) to both cook and preserve the pickle for a longer shelf life. Our achaar is home-made, vegan, gluten free and has no added preservatives. The pickle tastes sour-spicy-sweet and pairs well with paranthas, khichdi, matthi and all regular Indian meals. You’ll definitely find yourself reaching out for this jar because our dates pickle makes every meal Aweri special meal!

Shelf life of the pickle is 12 months.

This is a value pack of 2 jars. Rs 250 per jar.

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Pack of 4

4 jars of 200g each
Value Pack
225    per jar
  • 25% discount                      
  • You pay Rs. 900 for 4 jars
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Pack of 2

2 jars of 200g each
250    per jar
  • 17% discount                          
  • You pay Rs. 500 for 2 jars    
  • Extra 10% off on first order

Single Jar

1 Jar of 200g
300 per jar         
  • You pay Rs. 300 for 1 jar      
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