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    Elaichi Dates Barfi

    ₹ 320
    ₹ 270
    ( 15% off | Save ₹50 )
    Super Saver

    What's Unique?

    100% Healthy
    Boosts Energy
    No Added Sugar
    No Preservatives
    Made in Desi Ghee
    2 Months Shelf Life

    About Dates Barfi

    Craving something sweet but worried about your health? We’ve got you covered. Our Dates Barfi is made of dates, healthy nuts, and ghee. This is our Elaichi flavour and it’s best for you if you love classic Indian sweets. It tastes fantastic and does what mithai should do—make you happy (but not at the cost of your health!).

    You can enjoy a piece of this delicious barfi when:

    1. You’re celebrating
    2. You need an energy rush. Dates are a clean source of energy and the nuts will keep you satiated for longer.
    3. You crave something meetha after a meal
    4. You want to gift something clean and good to someone you love 

    Aweri’s Dates Barfi has no added sugar, no preservatives and no false claims. We’ve made it with a lot of love in pure ghee and you’ll feel that in every bite. Now you can indulge in peace!

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    Elaichi Dates Barfi

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