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Dates Pickle – sounds unusual, doesn’t it. Well, it is a Himachali specialty that combines the goodness of dates with the fresh tanginess of hill lemons. This pickle is my grandmother’s recipe and I wanted the world to get a taste of a family favorite meal accompaniment.

Each bottle is packed with a lot of love with mom-approved hygiene standards. Whether you eat pickles or not, I assure you Aweri Dates Pickle is something that will keep you coming back for more.

Watch the video to know more 🙂

Akshay Awasthi

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Commonly Asked Questions

Currently, you can buy only one product on the website, ie, our delicious Dates Pickle.

We're soon going to launch more dates based products. If you'd like to know the latest updates, you can sign up on our website. We don't spam.

12 months from the date of manufacturing.

  1. Seedless Iranian dates
  2. Juice of hill lemons
  3. Turmeric
  4. Himalayan salt
  5. Red chilli
  6. Fenugreek seeds
  7. Carom seeds
  8. Mustard oil
  1. It's Dates Pickle
    We've all eaten different kinds of pickle, from homemade to store bought, from mango to garlic, but this is a family Himachali recipe that uses dates and the juice of Hill Lemons to deliver a fantastic pickle!
  2. No Added Sugar
    Most store-bought pickles have a host of ingredients, one of them being sugar. Aweri Dates Pickle has none of that and this makes it a great choice for people who have diabetes. 
  3. No Preservatives
    Made in small batches, our recipe uses the natural goodness of mustard oil for preservation. In fact, our dates pickle gets yummier with age!
  4. No Cholesterol or Trans Fat
    Often when you open a jar of pickle, the sight of an oasis of oil is off putting, isn't it? We're quite health conscious at Aweri and this is why we make a conscious effort to keep the oil used in our pickle at the minimum. Ergo, a pickle that has no cholesterol and no trans fats.
  5. Vegan
    If you're a vegan, go ahead and order yourself some of our yummy pickle.


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